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>FREE< Peekaboo, Baby! download pdf

>FREE< Peekaboo, Baby! download pdf

Susan Amerikaner,Nadeem Zaidi,: Peekaboo, Baby!

Peekaboo, Baby!


Take a peek at this new novelty title-lift-the-flaps and an attached plush give this board book loads of play value! In "Peekaboo, Baby!" babies can actually play peek-a-boo with the adorable soft toy attached to the book. And there's a giant lift-the-flap on each spread for even more interactive fun. Tiny magnets in the paws of the soft toy make it possible for baby to actually play along with the story. So as baby lifts the flaps, she's prompted to play peekaboo with the kitty under her chair, little brother in the tub, Mama standing by her bed, and so on. The combination of the unique "peekaboo" soft toy with the Lift-the-Flaps will have babies wanting to peek at this story over and over again.

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Author: Susan Amerikaner,Nadeem Zaidi,
Number of Pages: 8 pages
Published Date: 01 Mar 2011
Publisher: Disney Publishing Worldwide
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781423122678
Download Link: Click Here


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